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Renewable Projects

Renew Estate is an Australian company that develops renewable energy projects which will create long term and enduring benefits for Australia. Created as a partnership by three companies with extensive experience in the energy industry, we have the skills and resources to deliver these projects. 

Renew Estate is passionate about meeting the goals of all stakeholders and delivering appropriate and considerate use of land, technology and investment. Our goal is to embed sustainable energy into our rural and urban lifestyles and enhance energy security and affordability.  We develop utility scale solar farms that are flexibly designed to work with the natural and built environment.  

We believe that there is a green and sustainable future for Australia where low cost solar energy will deliver benefits for us all.

Putting Community First

Renew Estate is invested in giving communities the chance to invest in the area they know best: their own back yards. We are passionate about giving local communities maximum benefit from our projects and we listen to them. We champion regional investment through providing financial returns as well as delivering integrated, robust and reliable energy systems.

Our projects are designed to benefit local communities by their resilience, yet at the same time they are adaptive and agile in response to the rapidly changing energy landscape.


Making technology work

We are a technology-led business that uses energy storage, virtual batteries, micro-grids, smart grids and software tools to deliver system-aligned and resilient renewable energy solutions across Australia.   We believe in the appropriate use of well-designed and robust technology to draw the best value from renewable energy. 

We design for battery storage so that when the time comes, it’s easy to install. We create microgrids and smart grids that manage energy for the benefit of communities, using technology to draw out value streams.